Koch Creation, Scott Walker Failing….Possibly 2nd, 2016 Presidential DOA!

Koch Creation, Scott Walker Failing….Possibly 2nd, 2016 Presidential DOA!

Saturday, September 12th, 2015 by ML Ross

Well, Monday early evening is ushering good news to jump-start the work-week. Speculating rumors are circulating that Governor Scott Walker (R) – WI, (Koch Creation) might be bailing from the 2016 Presidential race. Igor & Dr. Frankenstein’s political creation & mega-money, could not prevent the ultimate collapse of this no substance, empty candidate. Reported in the NYT, a big 6pm news conference will probably focus upon his reported 0% national polling. All I can say, the Koch’s definitely got what they deserved in a Walker candidacy. Dismal record as governor, incapable of answering the press and a scandal ridden administration. Too bad for the folks of Wisconsin, Walker refused to bow out before destroying the Badger State. Purchasing the electorate is insufficient to prop up a Walker politician, demolishing voting rights is probably Koch’s next logical step or is it? An amusement park on a pier in Seaside destroyed by Hurricane Sandy on the New Jersey coast. ‘Mr. Bridgegate’, Governor Chris Christie (R) – NJ is clinging & clawing to viability in this race. Their loose affiliation based upon the Garden State’s biggest bully undermining climate policy lost in the rubble of Hurricane Sandy, is another pathetic 2016 alternative. Hell, he rests at a thriving 2% and the super-pac, Stop Chris Christie PAC, organized by former Congressman Tom Tancredo shut down….. Reason: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Nothing stands in Christies’ way, except his dismal record, NJ residents’ overwhelming hatred of him, and GOP voters hate him. He’s rotten spoiled goods, wasting away under the ongoing #bridgegate investigation by federal prosecutor, Paul Fishman’. August 24, 1996, Lively, TX: a rupture of a steel pipeline operated by Koch Pipeline Company, LP (Koch) Although, two of their ‘boys’ campaigns exploded like a Koch plant death trap, I’m sure these two weasels have their fangs & paws burrowed into the flesh of the remaining 14, or 12 or whatever is left. Besides, who cares, conservatives are all the same…

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