The first two states to legalize recreational marijuana have collectively raked in at least $200 million in marijuana tax revenue, according to the latest tax data — and they’re putting those dollars to good use.

Jen Hobbs How long does it take a state to collect more than $117 million in tax revenue from a single industry? About a year and a half. The Huffington Post reports that Colorado currently has collected that much from the recreational and medical marijuana markets. Trailing close behind is the State of Washington. Washington

Pope Francis is really shaking up the status quo within the Catholic world: he says priests around the world can now forgive the “sin of abortion.” Amen.

Off The Grid “The forgiveness of God cannot be denied to one who has repented,” Pope Francis said.  He reportedly knows women who have been traumatized by the experience. The Pope’s blessing on the issue means that priests around the globe can absolve Catholics who, “with contrite heart, seek forgiveness for” having an abortion.   Related

Kentucky Clerk who has been refusing to issue marriage licenses has been summoned by a federal judge.

Off The Grid Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has been summoned by U.S. District Judge David Bunning to explain why she shouldn’t be jailed or fined for contempt. Davis has been making headlines since she stopped issuing marriage licenses after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. The Supreme Court ruled against her request to be

Public Policy Polling asked Republican voters if they believe Obama was born in the United States. 29% said yes Obama was born in the USA and 40% said Ted Cruz was born in the USA when he was in factborn in Canada.

Off The Grid Here’s a suggestion: maybe we need an intelligence test in order to be able to vote.But that would probably eliminate half the voters! That was a joke, joke, joke, people. Related Story Jesse Ventura Sounds Off on Obama Rejecting the Keystone Pipeline Still, it’s because of these people — the ones who

It’s time again to answer questions from you, my vigilant fans! Got a question for the Governor? Sound off at

Off The Grid Nathan Knighton from Arizona asks: Since our president and vice president are elected by votes cast by the Electoral College, do our votes in this election even count? Jesse Says: Related Story Jesse Ventura Says He Will Never Use This Term Technically no. It’s the Electoral College that elects the president. It

Captain Crunch has officially pulled ahead of Deez Nuts in Public Policy Polling’s national poll. The Cap’n — who isn’t actually a captain if you know anything about naval officer rank insignia — (and we’re going to let LIAR run our country?!?) is now leading with 17 percent, while Deez Nuts has fallen to 9 percent. Nipping at their backside is Butt Stuff with just 3 percent of the electorate.

Alex Logan Captain Crunch has officially pulled ahead of Deez Nuts in Public Policy Polling’s national poll. The Cap’n — who isn’t actually a captain if you know anything about naval officer rank insignia — (and we’re going to let LIAR run our country?!?) is now leading with 17 percent, while Deez Nuts has fallen

It’s my final day as Off the Grid’s vigilant producer and co-cost. Here is what I learned from Jesse Ventura and Off the Grid…

Brigida Santos Today is a bittersweet day. I have spent the last nine months working my ass off (with the help of TEAM OTG of course) to make this show informative, entertaining and different from anything else on tv. Many of you may be wondering what exactly it is that a producer does. In a nutshell, my job is to come reports the U.S. Army has mistakenly sent live anthrax spores to labs in all 50 states, as well as Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Jen Hobbs Before we get to how the U.S. Army accidently sent live anthrax nearly everywhere, you should know why the Defense Department decided to send anthrax spores nearly everywhere. Our military has a 10-year program to ship anthrax to private and military labs for testing. The DOD states the anthrax research program is designed

If the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association gets their way, medical marijuana will become available as early as next year to treat everything from arthritis to autism to Tourette’s syndrome to traumatic brain injuries.

Jen Hobbs The Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association is making news this week as they recently petitioned the Department of Health Services to add several conditions onto the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which will enable more patients to utilize the drug.  According to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, doctors in Arizona can currently recommend marijuana for the following conditions:  Cancer  Glaucoma  Positive

The Iran nuclear agreement recently picked up its 34th supporter in the Senate, assuring that even if Congress rejects the deal it won’t be able to override President Obama’s veto of the rejection.

Off The Grid It’s one hand or the other. We’ve got the warmongers who don’t want peace at any cost. They talk about peace but they continue to support weapons and antagonize the rest of the world. Then you’ve got the people that legitimately believe that talking is always better than war. That’s where I

California lawmakers advanced legislation Monday seeking to rein in the use of privacy-invading drones, passing one bill to prevent the use of drones by paparazzi and another making it a trespassing violation to fly drones over private property without permission.

Off The Grid It’s a step that needs to be done.  With modern technology, we are losing our privacy at an alarming rate.  There needs to be checks and balances put in place so that privacy can still be maintained. Why do people need to be flying drones over people’s houses and around neighborhoods? There’s no

A federal judge ordered for Kim Davis to be held in contempt without release until she agrees to issue marriage licenses

Off The Grid U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning has found Kim Davis in contempt of court and ordered her to be jailed until she agrees to comply with the law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Judge Bunning sentenced her to be held without bail or release because he believes that her supporters