Everything You Need to Know About the Silk Road Trial

The ​Silk Road trial has only been going on for two weeks, and already it’s had its fair share of drama: There have ​been setups by the prosecution, ​accusations and alternative theories tossed out by the defense, and, ​yes, selfies. Motherboard’s Kari Paul has been at the trial every day of the week, and our reporters have been covering Silk

The Human Head Transplant

In 2017, Valery Spiridonov hopes to become the first human to have his head transplanted onto a new body. We talk to Val, his would-be surgeon Sergio Canavero, and Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist about the process. Then, Motherboard’s staff talks about Cookie Clicker, our new office obsession.  

Embedding With the Internet’s Worst Trolls

Why would someone willingly spend years hanging out with people who make fun of recently dead teens? To write a book about the experience, of course. Motherboard meets Whitney Phillips, a Humboldt State University researcher and author of ‘This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,’ an academic look at why internet trolls act the

Are We Living in a Simulation?

Our universe seems real, but is it really? As humans get better at simulating artificial intelligence, it seems at least plausible that we could create life that is both conscious and has free will. And if we can create conscious life, who’s to say that the universe, as we know it, wasn’t created by superintelligent

See, Click, Kill

*This podcast contains spoilers for the movie Good Kill* The military’s drone pilots are physically removed from the battlefield, but, seven days a week, they spend 12-hour days staring at a screen, waiting for orders to kill from above. And then they go home, or to the bar, or to their daughter’s dance recital. Good

The History of Bitcoin

In this episode of Radio Motherboard, we talked to New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper about the process of researching his new book about Bitcoin. We also spoke to Courtney Marie Warner, who loves Bitcoin, even though it put her boyfriend in prison. And we spoke to some random people at a park to see

Elon Musk’s Plan for Humanity

We talk about Elon Musk and his companies, SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity all the time, but what is Musk’s longterm plan? How do the companies fit together and, should Musk manage to create a reusable rocket or launch an array of internet-providing satellites, what happens then? Radio Motherboard talks to Ashlee Vance, author of a

This Is Your Brain on Technology

What happens to our brains and our psyche when a huge portion of humanity spends their lives persistently jacked in to their computers, their tablets, their smartphones, their screens? We don’t really know—in a sense, we’re performing one massive uncontrolled experiment on most of the developed world. This week, we’ve been exploring everything mankind knows

What Will World War III Look Like?

We assume that the next world war will be a technological one, but the United States and its potential adversaries are increasingly developing tech designed to blast enemies into the past. In Ghost Fleet, real cybersecurity and war experts Peter W. Singer and August Cole explore what would actually happen in a war between the United States