Under the new executive order, The White House will grant 300,000 employees under federal contracts up to seven paid sick days per year.

Kanika Lal President Obama issues a new executive order. The president signed the order on Labor Day requiring federal contractors to grant employees with paid sick leave. 300,000 employees who do not currently receive such benefits now have the right to seven paid sick days per year. Workers will earn one hour of leave for

Judge Wiley who initially sentenced Anderson with sex offender charges finally bows out of the case that drew national attention.

Jen Hobbs Last month, we reported on 19-year-old Zach Anderson’s strange circumstances: being put on the sex offender list after a first date. He had sex with a girl he thought was 17 (she lied, and was actually 14) who he met through a dating app. The law became involved when the girl’s mother reported her missing.  The girl

The Satanic Temple is formally petitioning the Arkansas Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission for permission to place a monument next to the a planned Ten Commandments monument.

Off The Grid The Satanic Temple wants to place a “Baphomet” monument next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Arkansas Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission — the latter of which was already approved by state legislature. Related Story Jesse Ventura Says He Will Never Use This Term An image of Baphomet. Photo Courtesy of Wiki Commons.

Unemployment as of July 2015 is at 5.3% which is the lowest since the April 2008. While Bernie stands strong in support in raising the minimum wage, many are still concerned that raising the federal wage will increase the unemployement rate.

Off The Grid Raising the minimum wage is not going to destroy the economy. Jobs are not going to be eliminated because you raised the minimum wage a bit. Those jobs are still going to need to be done regardless.  I’ve always stated that if you work 40 hours a week, you should earn enough

Over 30 years after the girlfriend of pro wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka died under mysterious circumstances, the wrestling Hall of Famer faces grand jury charges that he killed her.

Off The Grid I’m stunned about this. I can recall when that tragedy happened. I was right in the middle of all that at the time. Snuka had been a friend of mine for many years. We wrestled each other in the Pacific Northwest many times. I’ve stated that the two guys I like to

Really, Dick? You were right about Iraq?

Alex Logan Really, Dick? You were right about Iraq?Then, I guess ISIS never happened. 5,000 U.S. soldiers didn’t die, and those half million Iraqis must still be alive. Plus, two trillion dollars weren’t spent to ultimately do nothing but destabilize a part of the world we had no business ever entering in the first place.

Lawmakers have ordered a briefing with those involved with the Marine Corps study that claimed all-male units outperform units including women.

Kanika Lal A recent Marine Corps study stating all-male combat units perform better than combats including women, has sparked debate and a lawmaker briefing. Related Story Jesse Ventura Says He Will Never Use This Term This news comes just as the Pentagon is preparing to open all combat jobs to women. Representative Susan Davis said

The Justice Is Not For Sale Act would ban government contracts with private prisons, forcing local and state government responsible over state and local correctional facilities.

Off The Grid Bernie Sanders has just announced the next big issue he plans on taking on: private prisons. Sanders introduced a bill called the Justice is Not For Sale Act, which would ban government contracts with private prisons. “Study after study after study has shown private prisons are not cheaper, they are not safer,