According to PBS, Bernie Sanders is “gaining against Clinton in early polls.”

Off The Grid

Bernie’s definitely got momentum. The question is, can Bernie keep it going for another year and a half and take the democratic nomination from those lining Hillary’s pockets? 

It’s possible Bernie could win all the elections and still not get the nomination from the Democratic Party because, technically, he’s still an Independent. He just joined the Dems to get into the presidential primaries. 

“Bernie believes in power to the people and the people controlling the government.”

I think what Bernie Sanders is doing is extremely healthy. I love the idea of somebody throwing a fly in the ointment. I’m sick and tired of the handpicked two candidates. It makes us look like we shouldn’t have even fought the Revolutionary War, because we still believe in kings and queens here. 

“Maybe next year Jesse Ventura will pick up the gauntlet.”

Hats off to Bernie Sanders. I’ll help him anyway I can, although I’m not quite as socialistic. Bernie believes in power to the people and the people controlling the government, and I believe in that also. So I hope Bernie’s successful and I wish him well the whole way. It will be interesting to watch it all happen. 

And if Bernie fails, maybe next year Jesse Ventura will pick up the gauntlet…

-Jesse Ventura


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