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Firefighters make headway against the biggest of California’s active wildfires

Firefighters are making progress containing the largest of the wildfires currently burning in California, authorities said. Source:: CNN US      

Simone Biles sets record for most world gymnastics championship medals

Simone Biles became the most decorated gymnast in the world championships' history on Sunday with a gold medal on the...

America’s factories are in trouble. The trade war is only part of the problem

The trade war is hurting America's factories, but it's not the only culprit. The strike at General Motors and Boeing's...

Neighbor killed 4 people eating dinner in a Chicago apartment, police say

A neighbor is in custody after he shot five people -- four of them fatally -- in an apartment building...

School lunch shaming will now be against the law in California

California just took a step toward making its school environments a little more inclusive. Source:: CNN US