Syria, is There Enough Intel to Warrant the Response?

Syria, is There Enough Intel to Warrant the Response?

The Trump Administration says that there was intel that the Sarin Gas was dropped during a routine ammo drop from a plane that came from al-Shayrat airfield. This base was supposedly clear of Chemical weapons and even the UN checked and gave it the all clear.

My question is how did the gas get on that plane and who dropped it. Seems like sabotage to me either at the hands of Russia or Rebels working from the inside. You must understand Syria leader al-Assad had much to lose by an action as such and could gain practically nothing. To me this smells as a rouse. In war you can take nothing at face value.

The Syrian base hit by US missile strikes has played a central part in the war, housing a jet fleet responsible for extensive bombing of the north and large numbers of Hezbollah and Iranian fighters who had turned the conflict in Bashar al-Assad’s favour.

All Syrian forces had evacuated the al-Shayrat airfield by the time the strikes occurred, as had fighters from the Lebanese militia, who had been heavily involved in countering an opposition offensive on nearby Hama in recent weeks.- The Guardian Reporting


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