Soviet Union of America

Soviet Union of America

Author Sacha Boegem

contributer to Democrat Nation

So here’s the question exactly how far does the Russian Connection actually go? I know Mike Flynn resigned but does this signal the connections between Trump and Putin may be closer than previously thought. When I say previously thought of course I am talking about the Fair and Balanced News(FoxNews).

Everyone from political adversaries to allies have long thought there is more to this story than meets the eye, not to mention the fact the intelligence community thoroughly believes it to be true. At this point many are seeking as am I exactly how true the intelligence report that Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele wrote is.

So, right now the only thing that has been verified is the fact that Flynn spoke via phone to Russian ambassadors. That is technically looking at the story from a glass half empty perspective. What concerns me is that the other portions that Trump and his council disputes have not been debunked with the exception to his Attorneys trip.

The most concerning part of the Intelligence report is the fact that Russia may have dirt on President Trump that he is aware of and maybe is being blackmailed by the Russian government. What can Russia request from the president. Well, for starters, the war in Ukraine as tough as Trump has seemed to be on crimes against allies he sure has dropped the ball on this ally.

Two weeks ago shelling started again in Eastern Ukraine which Trump was mum about for days. Then spoke with Putin on the phone, though the conversation is the only one lacking recording about this and insisted that Putin was going to tone it down. But yet this has not happened after the conversation the shelling did not stop Trump successfully as always got to sweep it under the rug because the constituents will not question the elected leader they put in office.

If any part of the Intelligence report is true and a part is not true they only thing we all as Americans must do to protect our sovereignty is to make sure Trumps reach does not spill over into this investigation and sources had reported that some of the Administrative placement of Trump has all the signs that gave us the disgrace that was Richard Nixon.

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