Rush Limbaugh Pats Himself on the Back While Blaming the Left for His Own Divisiveness

The man who’s been hammering away at liberals for three hours a day since 1988, telling the world how horrible the left is, blames the people he’s spent all his time denouncing for dividing America. Rush Limbaugh writes in the National Review: …this has not been an AM-radio revolution exclusively; it has been a conservative-media revolution. And perhaps its greatest consequence has been the destruction of the Left’s national-media monopoly. As conservatives often do, Limbaugh plays the victim, even while bragging about his accomplishments: In 1995, Clinton, in a national address, tried to blame me for the Oklahoma City bombing. He spoke of “loud, angry voices in America,” a remark that was widely interpreted as a reference to me. The White House later made the incredible claim that Clinton had been talking about Michigan Militia shortwave-radio communications. Surely, it’s so very not-divisive to hope your president fails. On January 16, 2009, the Wall Street Journal asked me to write 400 words on my hopes for the Obama presidency. I told them I needed only four: “I hope he fails.” A firestorm erupted, even among my friends. I stood by my words, proudly. It’s too bad they didn’t come true. At least he admits Obama didn’t live down to his wishes. I firmly believe that the conservative-media revolution has caused the liberal media to abandon any pretense of objectivity and fairness and actively advocate on the Left’s behalf. This has led in turn to the hyper-partisan nature of our politics today. When Republicans were perennial losers and happy about it, the media could stay hidden behind their wall of phony objectivity. But they were called out. Now there is a fierce competition for the hearts and minds of the American people, which the Left used to believe it owned. Rush Limbaugh advocating for objectivity is like Donald Trump advocating for humility. …it is not I, nor anyone else in conservatism, who is to blame for the partisanship in Washington. That is on the Democrats and the Left, for trying to destroy the traditions and institutions that have defined this country. No, Mr. Limbaugh, it is not “Democrats and the left” that tried to “destroy the traditions and institutions that have defined this country.” It’s Democrats and progressives who built them and defend them to this day against forces on the right that would tear them down. Nice try.

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