FoxNews Sucks

FoxNews Sucks

By AATTP Contributor, Sky Palma from DeadState

     In a bizarre segment on the “Hannity” show, commentator Peter Johnson Jr. said Monday night that Barack Obama might just find a way to ban the public from watching Fox News.

Johnson appeared on the network’s nightly opinion show where he and host Sean Hannity analyzed Obama’s recent comments about right wing media, where he suggested to The New Republic that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are blackmailing Republicans, forcing them into creating stumbling blocks in Congress. But somehow, the discussion evolved into a weird speculation that Obama’s comments forecasted a policy mandate that will ultimately revoke the First Amendment.

“In other words, forget about that little thing called freedom of speech, differing views,” Hannity said. “Instead, he wants any, all opposing voices to be, what, silenced? That includes the opinions that you hear on this program and watch every single night.

As he introduced his guests, Hannity continued,

“I’m not saying the president’s a dictator, but wouldn’t that be what we have?”

Johnson: “The president won the election, but he didn’t win America.

Johnson insisted that Obama is now “taking on the Second Amendment, big time,” along with the right to freedom of speech.

Johnson: “Now the president is saying, ‘Listen, do it the way I do it or I’m gonna come down your pipe,” he continued. “Do it the way MSNBC does it, do it the way a poodle journalist, do it the way a faux journalist, whose only mission in life is to suck up to the president of the United States, who get their talking points from the White House. So, to say, ‘Oh, you know what’s happened here is that we have an institutional barrier, according to the president, that stops the will of the people. Sean, you know what the institutional barrier is? The United States Constitution. And so, people at home should be afraid because, they say, ‘Am I not allowed to watch Fox anymore? Am I not allowed to listen to Rush or Sean? Am I doing something that’s un-American?’ You’re not.”

Hannity than said that Obama’s one-off remark about Fox means that he “can’t handle just a smidgen of criticism.”

“I think he’s very insecure,” fellow Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros said, suggesting that Obama was dodging questions from Fox News host Bret Bear.

She continued,

“That’s why he failed in that debate, Sean, because he wasn’t tested at all. It’s a love fest every time that he’s around. And look, if I were another media outlet today, I would be embarrassed. I would be ashamed. Because if any other outlet presented both sides the way that Fox News does, that president of ours would have mentioned that news outlet, and he didn’t. So the only two things that are standing in his way are that pesky, number one by the way, Fox News and talk radio.”

This segment is another example of a growing narrative within conservative opinion shows that promotes a paranoid fear of the Obama Administration dismantling the Constitution. While there’s simply no evidence for this, it’s still alarming to see how rhetoric that used to be relegated to the fringe is now seemingly acceptable material to be aired on a major cable news station.

Video courtesy of Media Matters for America.

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