Trump True Face of The Republican Party

Trump True Face of The Republican Party

For a very long time now I have been trying to get the world to see that the GOP or better known as the Republican Party is predominantly made up of Religious People that are as Progressive as the people on the Left. I mean hours and hours have gone into me trying to educate the world or everyone i meet that they want one religion to rule over this country, a country i might add that was founded on freedom and made up of founders who were Deists and did not fully believe in all aspects of the bible just its general purpose. To Deaf Ears my cries have fell. But something has awakened this notion and idea inside the general populous, and it was not my pandering or Independent sites. No, what it has taken is a guy so hell bent on doing what is popular to win a election his policies seem as though he goes by a populous voting mechanism.


Poll 1: So what do we hate most in America:

  1. LGBT community
  2. Immigrants
  3. Counter culture movement i.e.(#BlackLivesMatter)
  4. Other Religions not named in Christ
  5. China
  6. Refugees not Christian


Well it seems that all the above apply to the GOP constituents. There is one guy cashing in on this and his name is Donald J. Trump (man with little hands). From the day he started campaigning he has been using a marketing technique called “Shock and awe”. Basically the bigger the rise you can get from from your opposing base the better the return on your core demographic base. This has worked so effectively that he is 8 months away from Presidency. The consequenc can be seen by how people are treated in protest at his speaking functions.


Photographer hurt by secret Service in Virginia

Girls tear down Latino sign.

#BlackLivesMatter Tase Them

Supporters Fight Protester


Once I thought things were bad before but are much worse now. But I am going to take time to thank Trump. Oh no you say, but yes he deserves credit, why? Because he has finally given face t the so called dormant racisn and religious intolorence that exists in this country. From the treatment of Muslims in his events as well.

Muslim Lady at Donald Trump Rally


Basically Trump and his supporter have proved me and everything I fight against to exist. He has pulled the veil off of the masked hate so many Conservatives in this country secretively have. I know many do not really care but if this bigot becomes our President you can expect more of this and even things like my Website to be the next victims of a man so hell bent on winning destruction is just another thing to him. He has done it many times before to advance his agenda like building complexes and throwing residences to the street. This is a site to call the attroscities of religion to the forefront but i will say this may God only help us if this man is elected  because not much else will.


Trump Supporters in Kentucky Saying Racist Words and Pushing Lady

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