Republican Idiot Brigade 3: The Ps

Republican Idiot Brigade 3: The Ps

Monday, July 13th, 2015 by Cindy Rose This week in the Republican Idiot Brigade, we look at George Pataki, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry. A couple of these candidacies are exercises in futility, but they’ll give us great material. George Pataki: I’m not really sure why he’s running; he doesn’t seem to inspire anyone in

Maintaining Neutrality In The New York Times, From Jill Abramson (VIDEO)

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George Orwell and Karl Kraus: Two Sides of the Same Argument Against Political Euphemism

Reviewing Jonathan Franzen’s book The Kraus Project, the German poet Michael Hoffmann argues that people call the Austrian satirist, Karl Kraus, brilliant, “though it’s sometimes said with a there-now-go-away-please undertone”. By that Hoffman implies that people all too freely bestow the title of genius on the fin-de-si?cle Viennese journalist, because they do not fully comprehend

The Myth of Mainstream Media Bias

Erstwhile veep candidate-cum-pundit-for-hire Sarah Palin recently challenged news organizations to stop “pretending” to be objective and owe up to their alleged left-wing political inclinations, calling out Politico and CNN by name, but apparently referring to the entire industry, that vast, undifferentiated blob of commentary and reportage she consistently calls the “lamestream” media. This is not