reports the U.S. Army has mistakenly sent live anthrax spores to labs in all 50 states, as well as Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Jen Hobbs Before we get to how the U.S. Army accidently sent live anthrax nearly everywhere, you should know why the Defense Department decided to send anthrax spores nearly everywhere. Our military has a 10-year program to ship anthrax to private and military labs for testing. The DOD states the anthrax research program is designed

If the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association gets their way, medical marijuana will become available as early as next year to treat everything from arthritis to autism to Tourette’s syndrome to traumatic brain injuries.

Jen Hobbs The Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association is making news this week as they recently petitioned the Department of Health Services to add several conditions onto the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which will enable more patients to utilize the drug.  According to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, doctors in Arizona can currently recommend marijuana for the following conditions:  Cancer  Glaucoma  Positive

The Iran nuclear agreement recently picked up its 34th supporter in the Senate, assuring that even if Congress rejects the deal it won’t be able to override President Obama’s veto of the rejection.

Off The Grid It’s one hand or the other. We’ve got the warmongers who don’t want peace at any cost. They talk about peace but they continue to support weapons and antagonize the rest of the world. Then you’ve got the people that legitimately believe that talking is always better than war. That’s where I

California lawmakers advanced legislation Monday seeking to rein in the use of privacy-invading drones, passing one bill to prevent the use of drones by paparazzi and another making it a trespassing violation to fly drones over private property without permission.

Off The Grid It’s a step that needs to be done.  With modern technology, we are losing our privacy at an alarming rate.  There needs to be checks and balances put in place so that privacy can still be maintained. Why do people need to be flying drones over people’s houses and around neighborhoods? There’s no

A federal judge ordered for Kim Davis to be held in contempt without release until she agrees to issue marriage licenses

Off The Grid U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning has found Kim Davis in contempt of court and ordered her to be jailed until she agrees to comply with the law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Judge Bunning sentenced her to be held without bail or release because he believes that her supporters

He REALLY wants it. Oil, that is.

Mike Rylander In case you haven’t noticed before, Donald Trump really wants Iraq’s oil. And Libya’s oil. And Iran’s oil. And Syria’s oil. He wants all the oil. He’s obsessed with it. Related Story New White House Leak Claims Tony Blair Made ‘Deal’ with George Bush over Iraq War One Year Before Invasion So, here

The clown car that is the race for Republican Presidential Candidate may have a new Bozo at the wheel: Mitt Romney might be considering a run for 2016

Alex Logan As reported in New York Magazine, a senior member of his 2012 team told reporter Gabriel Sherman, “Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run.” But what inspired the Touch of Gray poster boy to consider throwing his hat into the overly crowded ring? Well, it rhymes with Tronald Dump. That’s right,

Inmates taking part in the Conservation Camp run by California’s corrections department are helping firefighters battle massive wildfires.

Off The Grid It’s wonderful. If these men are available and they can help out it’s a good step on both sides. It helps them do something good to society. It shows they can be rehabilitated. It shows that they maybe don’t have to spend the rest of their lives being locked up and that

LAPD is rolling out the body cam project on Monday amidst concerns about privacy and transparency.

Off The Grid Recent accounts of police brutality have sparked an important conversation about racial profiling and police misconduct. Body Cameras are widely regarded as a positive step forward in the the fight for a safer and more just society. Studies show that police use force less often and receive fewer citizen complaints when wearing

Facebook has acquired a new patent that may make it difficult for you to receive a loan based off of the credit of your online friends

Off The Grid You may need to be more selective about which Facebook friend requests you accept from now on. Facebook has acquired a patent that could allow users to be denied a loan based off of the credit of their online friends. The patent itself is actually for a program to help prevent spam,

Voters on both sides want to rally around candidates who challenge the establishment.

Travis Irvine Related Story Jesse Ventura Says He Will Never Use This Term There’s something different going on in the 2016 presidential race — on both sides, the most anti-establishment candidates are drawing the largest crowds and rising in the polls.  In the GOP, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is still blowing his competition out of

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