Trumps 2014 Taxes MAtter- Democrat Nation Article by Milo Thompson

Why Trumps 2014 Tax Return Matters

Long before he was President of the United States, and even longer before he was a Television Icon, Donald J. Trump was a wealthy billionaire real estate mogul. This Trump was one he did all he could to make a buck and that’s what most want to do but the way he started right down to the way he has implemented policy is not so far apart.

Since 2008 Donald Trump has owed more money than he has in net gains. As time has went on this has lead to him working with banks and investment companies offshore. The financial crash related to real estate force his hand and in turn much of the suspicion to his collusion with Russia will be here.

But first what is the deep state narrative building? Well right now the goal is to sensitize the US constituency to his affairs and how he has treated women. There is a large push from democrats and liberals of course but the deeper portion is the investigators that are encouraging those he has harmed in previous litigation to come forward. You would think this is the Democrat’s but is most certainly FBI focus push.

Why? To make a man with a base of evangelicals look less moral so that when they release the evidence there will not be somewhat of a coup against the federal agencies we all should trust. To make what he has done to create a false narrative to wealth to not look so drawn out and unbelievable. We have all bare witness to Trumps repeated attempt to de-legitimize Federal Agencies and every turn.

So what’s so damning about his 2014 returns? I would think it has to do with his foreign investments with Ukrainian Real Estate Companies and the holding companies he was using beneficiaries being of Russian decent. The evasion he used with his fathers company is in the same light he used to make up some of his rapid loss of wealth again in this very instance. 2014 will produce information so damning that even his most hard nosed followers with financial knowledge will turn away from him as a crook.

His appetite for woman and possible use of prostitutes in Russia is not the blackmail that Putin could use or would use to control a sitting president. Finance is. Possible Criminality is. Money Laundering is.

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