‘Welcome to the big leagues’: CNN guest mocks Ben Carson for whining about reporters asking questions

‘Welcome to the big leagues’: CNN guest mocks Ben Carson for whining about reporters asking questions

Tom Boggioni

On  CNN’s New Day,  Jackie Kucinich of the Daily Beast called GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson “crazy” for asserting that he is under more scrutiny that his opponents, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to Media Matters.

Asked by host Alisyn Camerota, “What about that Jackie? Is he being vetted more than other people?” Kucinich smiled and launched into an explanation for Carson on how political reportage work.

“No. That’s crazy. That’s ludicrous. He doesn’t have a legislative record. He has a book that he has based his entire — it’s his autobiography, how he tells his story. So, why wouldn’t the media, why wouldn’t any of us want to fact check that? Because it is the central part of his candidacy,” Kucinich explained. “It’s why people trust him. So that deserves to be looked into.”

“And the idea that going back into someone’s past is off limits, I mean, how many times have we gone into the Clinton’s past, into — we were looking at when Joe Biden was talking about running, into what he did with the crime bill,” she continued. “This is part of the process. George Bush — I’m sorry, Jeb Bush’s governorship? This is all fair game. This is part of the process. Welcome to the big leagues.”

After some back and forth over whether Carson’s “attack the media” strategy would work and if it would deflect questions about his often conflicting stories about his life, Kucinich allowed that it might work for a short time.

“When it comes to the presidency, it really is a gauntlet and you recheck every ‘t’ and every ‘i,’ and that is the process – that is what happens,” she noted. “But this attack against the media, it’s a time-honored tradition on both sides and, hey, Ben Carson has raised a lot of money and I’m sure in the short term it’s going to help his campaign. Down the road? I would be surprised if you could attack the media all the time and all the way to the White House.”

Camerota jumped in to sum up the discussion, saying, “Let’s be honest. It makes it somehow easier to say that he attacks the media and that the media is bad. It’s an attack on journalism. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s an attack on journalism. Journalists ask questions. That’s the process. And if you don’t like journalism, we should talk about that with presidential candidates.”

Watch the video below from Media Matters for America:

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